The best practices for an effective digital marketing strategy in 2017

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The best practices for an effective digital marketing strategy in 2017


46% of brands still don’t have a defined digital marketing strategy*, while 16% do have a strategy but haven’t yet integrated it into their marketing activity. Yet, in today’s digital world, every marketer must have a digital marketing strategy to grow brand awareness, increase engagement and generate leads.

To help you identify and implement the right digital marketing strategy, here are 8 best practices to keep in mind.

1 Define organizational goals

Defining your organizational goals and creating strategies to attain that is the key for every marketing efforts. you first must set clear and measurable goals. It’s necessary to measure the success of your campaign. These goals can be:

  • Increasing brand awareness.
  • Generating leads and raising conversion rates.
  • Targeting a new audience and growing engagement.
  • Creating long-term relationships with your communities.
  • Or many others, according to your objectives.

2 Reach right audience

To be efficient, your digital marketing strategy must be based on a customer-centric mind-set. If you know who are your potential customers, make strategies to reach them and convert them to customers.Segmentation of the audience will lead to more engagements for your campaigns.

3 Effective Engagement on social media

An effective way of using social media platforms is use it as a customer care center. Social media should be used to engage and build relationships with customers and people within your industry. Create, use and share content that is useful and thought specifically to your audience. You’ll generate long-term engagement. Don’t focus on what is beneficial for your brand.

4 Mobile only strategies

Delivering your messages where your audience is, is one of the most important parts of your digital marketing strategy. In today’s digital world, mobile devices plays a crucial part in connecting with customers.All your strategies should be optimized for mobile interactions.

5 Optimize your marketing automation strategy

From automated email campaigns, to website lead scoring, to social media interaction, marketing automation delivers results to you to gather new opportunities and leads.

6 Generate engaging content

The rise of visual content, both images and videos has given brands more unique ways to stand out and showcase their creative side. Video marketing has been one of the single biggest trends in digital marketing over the past year. It will grow even more as social networks evolve more towards featuring this type of content.

Thus, content is still king – provided that you know how to use it in the right context. Tell a story that generates demand rather than expecting a purchase. Great content marketing delivers relevant and interesting information but keeps the customer’s interests in a higher focus.

7 Keep SEO optimized

While generating great content that your customers want to read is a big part of your digital marketing, you also have to make sure they can find it online. Having a website or content on a blog that isn’t optimised for search engines can bury your site in Google’s search pages. If readers can’t find your site, then your traffic will suffer.

By optimising your web pages and content with keywords and linking strategies, your site will rank higher. So, make sure your brand and your content is optimised properly to match the most-used terms your customers will search for.


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